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  1. This Here (9:12) (Bobby Timmons)

  2. Sack o’Woe (5:20) (Julian Adderley)

  3. Work Song (5:04) (Nat Adderley)


  1. African Waltz (2:08) (Galt MacDermott)

  2. Gemini (8:21) (Jimmy Heath)

  3. Things Are Getting Better (2:46) (Julian Adderley)

  4. Jeannine (6:59) (Duke Pearson)

   These are the hit recordings that have been the great milestones on CANNONBALL ADDERLEY’s remarkable road to top-ranking stardom! All of them have been outstanding successes both as key selections in his best-selling albums and as single discs. Now the singles version of these great numbers have been put together on one LP to make up a unique collection of proven hits that is use to delight the many thousands of Adderley fans – and that can also serve as an ideal introduction to this fabulous modern instrumetntalist at his very best.

   If there is one word to link these seven numbers – and, at the same time, to explain their remarkable wide appeal – that word is soul. It is a term that has been very frequently used, and abused, in recent years, but it can be applied here in its strongest and most accurate sense. For this is a music of great emotional appeal, that makes valid, stirring use of such roots of American music as the blues and gospel, adapting them to the current scene in a most meaningful and exciting way.

   This Here (pronounced something like “Dish Hyah”) is of course the phenomenal “live” recording made at The Jazz Workshop in San Francisco before a widely (and prophetically) enthusiastic audience. This was the Quintet’s first record date, and it rocketed them swiftly and permanently to the top – one of the most lightning-like success stories of our times. This is the version issued as a two-art single record, featuring Cannonball and composer-pianist Bobby Timmons, with Nat Adderley on cornet, Sam Jones on bass, and drummer Louis Hayes.

   African Waltz is the unusual and overwhelming big bad umber that shot Cannonball onto the “pop” charts in one of the very first breakthroughs to national best-selling status by a current jazz record. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences voted African Waltz an unprecedented two “Grammy awards – record industry equivalents of the “Oscar” – as best instrumental theme and best jazz composition of 1961. (The powerful arrangement is by Ernie Wilkins.)

   The warm, out-going, Florida-born alto star is an amazingly versatile personality. A former music teacher, he has been a columnist and disc jockey, is in demand as a speaker, and has narrated highly-praised “Child’s Introduction to Jazz” LP. Also a composer, he has turned out some of his won most successful numbers. Sack o’Woe, another “live” club recording (at The Lighthouse, in Los Angeles) is by the Quintet, with British-born Victor Feldman on piano in place of Timmons. Things Are Getting Better is by an all-star group featuring the great vibrapharpist of the Modern Jazz Quartet, Milt Jackson, and drum star Art Blakey.

   Work Song, written by brother Nat Adderley (whom Cannon rightly calls a one-man brass section) has been doubly famous: in a vocal version with Oscar Brown, Jr., lyrics; and in this earthy instrumental by the original Adderley Quintet. Jeanine, an intriguing combination of funkiness and highly catchy melody, was another number that stirred a lot of action for the Quintet (Barry Harris is on piano here).

   In 1962, the basic firm of Adderley, Adderley, Jones and Hayes decided to expand to Sextet size, with Joe Zawinul on piano and the fantastic Yusef Lateef added on dee-down tenor sax and powerful flute. What better way to celebrate than with another on-the-job recording, this time at the famed Village Vanguard! And what more natural result hit album (“The Cannonball Adderley Sextet in New York”), out of which came one more pulsating and unusual hit tune: Gemini!

   These, then, are Cannonball Adderley’s top hits – up to this moment. From the way they sound, particularly when put together as they are here, you’re bound to agree that he’s sure to have lots more great ones …

   These and other great Cannonball performances can be heard on such Riverside albums as –

Cannonball Adderley Sextet in New York  (RLP 404; Stereo 9404)

Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco  (RLP 311; Stereo 1157)

Cannonball Adderley Quintet at The Lighthouse (RLP 344; Stereo 9344)

African Waltz (RLP 377; Stereo 9377)

Them Dirty Blues (RLP 322; Stereo 1170)

Cannonball Adderley Quintet PLUS (RLP 388; Stereo 9388)

Things Are Getting Better (RLP 286; Stereo 1128)

Cannonball Takes Charge (RLP 303; Stereo 1148)



Album design: KEN DEARDOFF

Back-liner photos by STEVE SCHAPIRO


235 West 46th Street New York City 36, New York

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