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JLP 21
Chet Baker with Fifty Italian Strings

JLP-1 Front
JLP-1 back.jpg

Chet Baker (tp) (vcl-*) accompanied by string orchestra  Recorded in Mila, Italy; October, 1959


  1. I Should Care (2:46) (Cahn-Stordahl-Weston)

  2. Violets for Your Furs (3:20) (Adair-Dennis)

  3. The Song Is You (*) (2:33) (Kern-Hammerstein)

  4. When I Fall in Love (*) (3:38) (Young-Heyman)

  5. Goodbye (5:07) (Gordon Jenkins)


  1. Autumn in New York (Vernon-Duke)

  2. Angel Eyes (*) (4:38) (Brent-Dennis)

  3. Street of Dreams (*) (2:20) (Young-Lewis)

  4. Forgetful (2:50) (Handy-Segal)

  5. Deep in A Dream (*) (4:35) (Van Heusen-De Lange)

About This NEW Jazzland Recording –

   The trumpet of CHET BAKER is above all a superb lyrical instrument: romantic, almost tender in its tone, giving a feeling of grass without sharp edges. It is the kind of trumpet sound that cries out for a rich, lush background to give it full lyrical effectiveness. And it is precisely such a backing that is provided here, by a large-scale string orchestra composed of skilled and sensitive Italian musical craftsmen.

   This is the second Jazzland album recorded by the West Coast horn star during the course of an extended European tour that got under way, in the Fall of 1959, with a stay in Milan, Italy. As on the other LP cut in that period (Chet Baker in Milan – a sextet date featuring tunes written by top jazzmen like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Gerry Mulligan, Sonny Rollins), Chet seems to be in strong and relaxed form. As has so often been the case with American jazz artists abroad, he appears to thrive in the atmosphere of warmth and appreciation that Europeans are apt to provide.

   With the full-bodied string support that was made available to him buoying him up like a cushion of warm air, Baker sails melodically through a program featuring top standards like Vernon Duke’s Autumn in New York, Gordon Jenkins’ Goodbye, Matt Dennis’ Angel Eyes. On half of the ten numbers, Chet adds a vocal chorus in his own off-beat style – which is, frankly, very much like caviar, or artichokes: many people enjoy it very much, others not at all, and hardly anyone is in the middle.

   Chet Baker, Oklahoma-born and California-raised, first leaped to jazz prominence in 1952 as a member of Gerry Mulligan’s original pianoless quartet (still another member of that group was Chico Hamilton). An immediate favorite of the fans, he became a frequent and consistent poll-winner and has led groups of his own for a number of years with considerable success. But, largely because of the economics of American jazz recording, he has rarely had the opportunity to present his warm ballad style in so properly romantic a setting as he does here.

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Cover designed by KEN DEARDOFF

Back-liner photo by LAWRENCE N. SHUSTAK


235 West 46th Street, New York 36, New York

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